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Is Your Website Helping your Business Grow?

What is the point of building a website that no one ever sees?  Time after time we talk with business owners that previously had a beautiful website built out for them that they absolutely loved except for one major problem- the website generates zero traffic or sales leads!  This can cause major stress and headaches for the owner who spent thousands of dollars and feels like they are getting no return on that investment.  That’s why our Omaha web design team always builds sites with the end goal in mind!  The end goal is to generate traffic and generate leads so it’s at the core of the foundation of every site we build.

A Unique Approach to Web Development

We understand that the value of your business website is in the traffic and leads it generates.  We do in-depth research on your keywords in order to develop a ranking strategy from the beginning.  And then we build the web site and its structure with that ranking strategy “baked in”.

We also have highly skilled individuals on our team that specialize in all disciplines: branding, web design and SEO.  And we all collaborate on the project to ensure input and thought in every aspect of the business to ensure success.  The end result is a beautiful and functional website that your customers will connect with AND one that ranks in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines!

We stay on top of what Google and other search giants are requesting through continuous trial and error.  We also ensure we’re not living in a vacuum as we’re constantly in contact with our industry peers.  We strive to be ahead of the curve in our planning and implementation rather than reactionary.


The Pillars Of Successful Websites


Brand Identity: 

Your brand is your message to the world and it should have a message that connects with your customers on a personal level.  We always review your image for freshness and authenticity.  The brand often holds tremendous value so it deserves careful thought from the start.  We ensure your brand is authentic and consistent across your website and all social properties such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.…

Fully Responsive Design:

Virtually any website built today should be “fully responsive” meaning that it will display properly across all devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc..). Our Omaha web design team will also make sure that the foundation is set for you to get traffic through search engine optimization so your company or personal website will flourish.


Keep it simple navigation and calls to action!  The site needs to be easily navigable for customers on whatever device they are using and there should be obvious calls to action at key points directing the customers to contact you.

Website SEO:

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a big part of designing a website that gets traffic.  Things like page titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags and the site’s content are all factors in how the site ranks in google for your keywords.  An SEO expert will be involved in the planning stage to build the business foundation with the end goal in mind.  The end goal is to drive sales leads!

Website Analytics:

You certainly want to understand how the site is performing and monitor the traffic.  We will set up the site in Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) in order to monitor errors and fix any critical issues that could possible hinder the ranking results.  We will also install Google Analytics on the site so that we can monitor traffic and use the data Google provides us to further refine the site based on real-time traffic data.  We like to make decisions and adjust strategy based on hard data and not educated guesses…although both are sometime required.

Last Words

Your website is not just something that “every business needs”.  It’s an essential asset of your business!  For that asset to function properly and add value to your business it must generate organic traffic.  Let our Omaha Web Design Team build a beautiful website that your customers can find!  Call today for your free consultation 402-590-8085 or contact us here.