Trend says interest in SEO is going down

So is the search engine driving the search volume or are the people deciding what to search for? I’d argue the former as in the earlier days of internet search google was actively marketing their product and attempting to establish itself as the major player in search. There is no longer any debate as to who dominates search.

What’s with Bangladesh leading the world in geographic interest?

One of the primary drivers behind Bangladesh and India and Pakistan being at the top of this list is the fact that many SEO Agencies farm out their client link building to these countries on the cheap. The Agency makes out like a bandit while the client’s website may end up getting penalized for low quality “spammy links”. This approach will never happen with our agency. Our links are hand built with quality, highly-relevant content and placed on high-quality, trusted web sites. Contact us directly to see how we can help drive more traffic to your site.

The reality is that interest in search engine optimization is not decreasing. If anything, it’s increasing daily as competition grows and new sites are launched every second of every day. The fact that the search trend line is down really gets back to the fact that google is no longer marketing their products or marketing how to optimize for search. Savvy business owners recognize that their sites need to be optimized for maximum google love or what’s the point of building it? Traffic is the life-blood of all businesses and so having the site properly optimized is simply a no-brainer. Ascent provides a free tool to get an SEO Audit Report on your site. You can check your site for free here.

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